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    How It Works

    How it works MFF

    At Marketing Freelance Finder we want to bring businesses and Freelancers together.

    How do I find freelancers?

    As an employer you want to find the ideal man for the job, but sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Well, the Marketing Freelance Finder we’ve made it easy by giving you a list of freelancers that have specific skills that can complete the job that you have posted.

    How do I pay for my plan?

    All you have to do is use your PayPal account or credit/debit card to make the payment of your selected plan. These plans are flexible to you; choose a plan at any time. Easy-peasy!.

    What happens when I accept a freelancers bid?

    You’ll be notified on your dashboard letting you know that you have accepted a bid from a freelancer. You will need to make a payment in advance and input your PayPal or credit/debit card details through us.

    How do I pay the freelancer for my project?

    At Marketing Freelance Finder, the payment process works by you (the employer) giving the money to us first. Once the job has been completed; we will then transfer the money to the freelancer. We’re just the middleman. We want to ensure that this transition goes as smooth as possible, so we’re here to help.